Goals and Aspirations

Although iii-solutions may be small, our output is anything but. We don’t hide behind dense printed paper reports or colorful PowerPoint presentations-instead we turn ideas and visions into viable, functioning solutions in the real world.
Our interdisciplinary, eager team specializes in the areas of aeronautics, lightweight structures, energetic optimization, solar irrigation, sitting and lying furniture, and "soft" actuators. In addition, we initiate innovative processes that go far beyond classic but restrictive extrapolation.

Our clients are medium and large-sized companies. They present us with demanding problems and expect not only intellectual and technical solidity, but also a surplus of fresh ideas delivered with time, and cost efficiency.

For example, clients approach iii-solutions to:

  - breathe new life into deadlocked projects

  - relieve pressure from their own internal development resources

  - investigate a delicate problem with complete confidentiality

  - patent a new approach or an entire field

  - build functional and/ or production prototypes

  - integrate our nonbiased team alongside their own development department to gain a second perspective as well as a dynamic sparring partner

  - receive answers to yet unknown questions

The majority of our aeronautic projects were transferred from the research and development company prospective concepts.

In addition to the development work in service of our clients, the iii-solutions team also works on our own projects.

What do the 3 i's stand for?

New and exciting ideas spring from our INTUITION, the "sensed knowledge", which is immediatly concentrated and substantiated using the vital "tool" INTELLIGENCE. Finally, INITIATIVE is required in order to bring plans to fruition.